1965 Block Spider

$9.99 USD

1965 Color

Introducing the 1965 Block Spider from Bonka Bird Toys, a medium-sized, chewable wonder designed to delight your pet bird. This attractive bird toy combines natural wooden blocks and leather strips, creating an irresistible blend of textures that will keep your bird engaged and happy. The natural wood offers a satisfying chew, while the leather strips add a unique tactile experience, perfect for pecking and playing.

Thoughtfully Crafted Design At the heart of this toy's design are two sturdy metal rings, connected by leather strips in an intriguing spider-like formation. These strips loop through the rings, forming a fascinating and chewable structure that's bound to captivate your bird. Dangling from each leather strip is a single natural wooden chew block, loosely resting on a knot, adding an element of playful movement to the toy.

Easy and Safe Installation Equipped with a quick link connector, the 1965 Block Spider can be effortlessly hung in any aviary, ensuring your bird can enjoy its new toy without delay. This user-friendly feature guarantees a secure and stable playtime experience for your feathered friend.

Dimensions for Perfect Fit Measuring approximately 9 inches in height and 5 inches in width, and weighing under 5 ounces, this toy is ideally sized for medium birds. Its proportions ensure it's a substantial addition to your bird's cage without being overwhelming.

Versatile and Safe Available in two variations, Natural or Rainbow, this toy caters to different visual preferences, adding a splash of color or a natural aesthetic to your bird's environment. Additionally, the 1965 Block Spider is 100% bird safe, ensuring that your pet can play with peace of mind.

Ideal for Birds of All Ages and Abilities Simple yet pleasing, this toy is perfect for pets of all ages and abilities. It's designed to encourage natural chewing behavior, making it a great choice for keeping your bird mentally and physically stimulated.

Product Highlights:

  • Medium-sized, chewable bird toy
  • Natural wooden blocks and leather strips for varied textures
  • Two sturdy metal rings for interesting design
  • Quick link connector for easy hanging
  • Safe for birds of all ages and abilities
  • 100% bird safe materials
  • Available in Natural or Rainbow variants