1962 Huge Rope Boing

$49.99 USD $54.99


The 1962 Huge Rope Coil Charm Swing from Bonka Bird Toys is a huge colorful rope perch that big birds love! This colorful perch has a tightly wrapped all-natural cotton rope adorning the giant length. At the top of this bird, rope swing is a heavy-duty quick link connector that has a sturdy link chain looped through it. This link chain hangs down to the top of the rope swing and hangs the perch. The charm swing itself has a sturdy metal wire with a tightly bound all-natural cotton rope that has been brightly colored for a beautiful rainbow effect. Beginning the perch at the top is a large bundle of frayed all-natural cotton rope. This big bundle of fray works perfectly for preening for your pet. From here a big heavy knot of cotton rope sits on the top and then the charm swing begins. On the long (96!) inch long swing there are (2) colorful medium-sized plastic charms. These charms can easily be moved up and down the swing and are very entertaining for birds to interact with. At the bottom of this rope swing is another big heavy cotton knot and a 2nd large bundle of the cotton fray. At the very bottom, there is a smooth plastic cap and a big metal bell hanging from a sturdy wire loop. The rope coil can be adjusted and shaped to your pet's cage and needs using large smooth bends and being gentle as you shape. Colorful rope perches like these are excellent for occupying space in your pet birds cage while providing a comfortable place to sit and preen.

The 1962 Huge Rope Coil Charm Swing is 100% bird-safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Length: (96) inches

Rope Perch Diameter: (1.18) inches

Cotton Knot Width: (3) inches

Weight: (54) ounces

  • Huge rope swing with all-natural cotton rope.
  • Amazing eye-catching bright colors.
  • Great big preening frays and plastic charms.
  • 100% bird safe.