1925S Smiley Cake

$7.99 USD


The 1925 Smiley Cake from Bonka Bird Toys epitomizes joy and engagement for your small to medium-sized feathered friends. This delightful, lightweight toy is designed to bring smiles to your birds and anyone who sees it in the cage. Its cheerful design, featuring smiley faces on the cupcake cups, will surely add a positive vibe to your bird's environment.

A Bundle of Joy and Shreddable Delight

Cheerful Features:

  • Sola Plant Ball for Chewing: At the heart of this toy is a giant ball made from the root of the Sola plant, an all-natural and safe material for your birds to chew, bite, and forage.
  • Smiley Face Cupcake Cups: Wrapped in soft, easy-to-shred cupcake cups adorned with smiley faces, this toy keeps your bird engaged and happy, encouraging their natural shredding behavior.
  • Decorative and Durable: Enhanced with natural wooden beads and a colorful piece of plastic straw on a sturdy metal wire, it combines durability with aesthetic appeal.
  • Auditory Stimulation: A metal bell hangs from the bottom, adding a layer of auditory enjoyment to the tactile and visual stimulation, enriching playtime.

Designed for Easy Use and Safety:

  • Quick Link Connector: Comes with a quick link connector for swift and secure attachment to your bird's cage, ensuring easy setup.
  • Perfectly Sized: Measuring about 7 inches in height and 4.5 inches in width, weighing 1-2 ounces, it fits beautifully in most bird cages.
  • 100% Bird Safe: Made with bird-safe materials, giving you peace of mind about the health and safety of your feathered companions.

Spread Happiness in Your Aviary

The 1925 Smiley Cake is more than just a bird toy; it's a source of constant joy and entertainment for your pet. Its smiley-faced design is sure to brighten up any cage, making it a perfect addition to your bird's playtime repertoire.