1925 USA Cake

$3.99 USD $7.99

Celebrate with the 1925 USA Cake Bird Toy from Bonka Bird Toys, a festive and engaging addition to your avian friend's environment. Designed for small to medium-sized birds, this toy combines the joy of shredding with the allure of patriotic design, making it a must-have for your pet's cage.

Patriotic Playtime Awaits


  • All-Natural Shredding Fun: At the heart of this toy is a large Sola plant root ball, a safe and satisfying material for your bird to chew and explore. Surrounded by soft, easy-to-shred cupcake cups adorned with the American flag design, it offers hours of engaging play.
  • Durable and Safe Design: A sturdy metal wire, wrapped in natural wooden beads and colorful plastic straw pieces, holds the structure together, ensuring durability while maintaining 100% bird safety.
  • Visual Appeal: The delightful American flag-themed cupcake cups add a touch of patriotic pride to your bird's cage, celebrating independence, veterans, and more with every peck and play.
  • Interactive Elements: Beyond shredding, your bird can enjoy the gentle jingle of a metal bell, adding auditory stimulation to their playtime and enhancing their sensory experience.


  • Size: Approximately 7 inches in height and 4.5 inches in width, making it a perfectly convenient size for most bird cages.
  • Weight: Lighter toy, 1-2 ounces, ensuring it's easy to hang without weighing down cage fixtures.

Easy Installation

Equipped with a quick link connector, this toy can be swiftly and securely attached to your pet's cage, offering instant enjoyment without any hassle.

The 1925 USA Cake is more than just a bird toy; it celebrates freedom and fun, providing your feathered friends with a safe, stimulating, and shreddable delight. Perfect for birds who love to chew and shred, it combines functionality with a splash of American spirit, making it an essential addition to any bird-loving household.

Super accessible small, size bird toy.
Natural ball of Sola & 100% bird safe.
Easy to shred cupcake cups.
Great convenient size and is easily able be placed in most birdcages.
Bird Toys Made In USA