1925 Cake

$7.99 USD

Delight Your Aviary with the Bonka Bird Toys 1925 Cake – A Colorful Celebration of Love and Play

Engaging Enrichment

  • Sola Plant Ball Delight: At the heart of the 1925 Cake, lies a crushable, natural Sola plant ball, perfect for pecking and playful interaction, ensuring hours of healthy entertainment.
  • Soft and Shreddable Fun: Encased in soft, heart-themed cupcake cups, this toy provides a delightful shredding adventure that's just as sweet as a Valentine's treat.
  • Interactive Charm: Adorned with wooden beads and a colorful straw, each peck brings a jingle from the metal bell—music to your bird's ears and joy to their day.

Thoughtfully Crafted

  • Easy Attachment: With a quick-link connector, this toy secures easily to any cage, inviting instant fun without any fuss.
  • Lightweight and Safe: Tailored to fit most aviaries, the 1925 Cake stands proud at 7 inches, weighing just 1-2 ounces, and is crafted from 100% bird-friendly materials.

A Heartfelt Companion

More than a toy, the 1925 Cake is a token of your affection, a colorful centerpiece that resonates with warmth in your bird’s habitat. Celebrate love every day and watch your feathered friend chirp with glee with this safe, engaging, and spirit-lifting creation.

Immerse your bird in the playful elegance of the 1925 Cake from Bonka Bird Toys. It's a vibrant indulgence designed for small to medium-sized birds, doubling as an interactive piece that festoons their space with joy and jubilation. Made with care in the USA, this toy is a testament to your love for your pet, combining function with whimsical design for the ultimate avian amusement.