1892 Scarecrow

$12.99 USD

1892 Scarecrow Foraging and Play Toy

The 1892 Scarecrow is a beloved favorite for medium-sized birds, offering an engaging and healthy play experience. Designed with multiple textures and activities, this toy is perfect for foraging, preening, and plucking, ensuring hours of entertainment for your feathered friend.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple Play Activities: This toy is packed with various components like a woven bamboo basket, colored raffia bush, natural woven vine ball, and more, providing endless fun and stimulation.
  • Beak Pleasing Textures: Birds love the different textures offered by the wooden stars, plastic rings, and vine ball, promoting natural beak maintenance and satisfying their chewing instincts.
  • All Bird Safe Materials: Every part of this toy is made from safe materials, ensuring your bird's health and safety while they play.
  • Quick Link for Easy Cage Placement: The included quick link makes it simple to attach the toy securely to any cage, providing instant entertainment for your pet.

Product Dimensions

  • Size: Approximately 6 inches high by 11 inches wide

Why Your Bird Will Love It

Imagine your bird exploring the vibrant colors and varied textures of the 1892 Scarecrow. They will delight in the challenge of foraging through the raffia bush and vine ball, keeping them mentally stimulated and physically active. The combination of materials and shapes offers a satisfying tactile experience that encourages natural behaviors, promoting a happier, healthier bird.