1794 Soupy Soupy

$15.19 USD $18.99

Bonka Bird Toys 1794 Soupy Soupy bird toy is an exciting and engaging toy designed for medium to large-sized feathered companions. This toy offers a variety of attractive elements, including movement, sound, and foraging opportunities, which can help keep your bird mentally and physically active. Birds often enjoy manipulating and interacting with objects, and this toy provides a range of textures and materials to keep them entertained. As with any bird toy, monitoring your bird's interaction with it is essential to ensure they are safe and regularly check for wear or damage. Providing a rotation of toys in your bird's environment can also prevent boredom and maintain their interest.

  • Materials: The toy includes a large stainless steel soup ladle and other hanging stainless steel spoons as its centerpiece. Stainless steel is a safe and durable material for birds to interact with.
  • Foraging Wibbly Ball: The toy also features a foraging wibbly ball that can be easily refilled. Foraging toys like this can stimulate your bird's mental and physical activity as they work to retrieve treats or toys from inside the ball.
  • Colored Acrylic Pacifiers and Plastic Rings: These colorful and textured components can provide your bird with additional visual and tactile stimulation.
  • Size: The toy measures approximately 14 inches high by 4 inches wide, providing ample space for your medium to large-sized bird to explore and interact with.
  • Quick Link: It comes complete with a quick link, which makes it easy to securely attach the toy to your bird's cage for safe and enjoyable play.