1747 Bead Mirror

$7.99 USD

Introduce your small feathered friend to the intriguing 1747 Beaded Mirror from Bonka Bird Toys, a perfect addition to any bird cage. Designed for small-sized birds, this toy combines reflective enjoyment with auditory stimulation to keep your bird engaged and active.

Key Features of the 1747 Beaded Mirror:

  • Reflective Fun: Equipped with round mirrors that dangle from a durable metal chain, this toy reflects light beautifully, creating an exciting environment that captivates and stimulates your bird.
  • Auditory Delight: A small metal bell hangs from the bottom, producing gentle, bird-friendly sounds that intrigue and encourage play.
  • Interactive Design: With climbing rings, chewable plastic beads, and multiple reflective surfaces, this toy offers numerous ways for your bird to interact—from climbing and chewing to admiring their reflection!

Built to Last: Made with all bird-safe materials, the 1747 Beaded Mirror ensures a safe playtime experience. The sturdy design and quality construction make it a durable choice for energetic birds.

Easy Installation: Featuring a small quick link connector for fast and secure hanging, this toy can be effortlessly added to your bird’s cage, making it accessible for daily play.

Ideal Toy for Small Birds:

  • Dimensions: 12 inches in height and 2 inches in width.
  • Weight: Lightweight at under 3 ounces, ideal for smaller bird cages.

Why Your Bird Will Love the 1747 Beaded Mirror:

  • Encourages natural behaviors like climbing and foraging.
  • Offers mental and physical stimulation through interactive features.
  • Provides a source of entertainment that mirrors your bird’s playful spirit.

Gift your bird the joy of endless exploration and play with the 1747 Beaded Mirror. It is perfect for bird owners who want to enrich their pet’s life with a simple yet effective toy that reflects light and fun!

Order today and turn your bird’s cage into a vibrant playground of reflections and sounds!