1742 Heart Mirror

$7.99 USD

Engage Your Feathered Friend with the 1742 Heart Mirror Toy

Delightful Design for Your Bird's Entertainment

  • Size and Suitability: Perfectly sized at 9 inches in height and 1.50 inches in width, the 1742 Heart Mirror from Bonka Bird Toys is the ideal plaything for your beloved Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lorikeets, and other birds of similar size. Its compact design ensures it fits comfortably in your bird's habitat.
  • Reflective Heart Mirrors: Adorned with heart-shaped metal mirrors, this toy is crafted to captivate your bird's attention. The mirrors catch and reflect light, creating a shimmering spectacle that's sure to engage and entertain.
  • Crystal-Cut Acrylic Pacifiers: Adding to its charm, the toy features crystal-cut acrylic pacifiers that dangle playfully. These shiny elements are perfect for birds who love a bit of sparkle in their playtime.

Interactive Features for Mental Stimulation

  • Sturdy Metal Rings: The toy's durability is enhanced with four robust metal rings, ensuring it stands up to the most enthusiastic of beaks. Your bird can peck, swing, and interact with these rings for hours of fun.
  • Bell for Auditory Stimulation: A small metal bell hangs from the bottom of the toy, creating a symphony of sounds when your pet interacts with it. This feature not only adds an auditory element to the toy but also aids in keeping your bird engaged and mentally stimulated.

Why the 1742 Heart Mirror is a Must-Have:

  1. Promotes Play and Exercise: Designed to encourage active play, it helps keep your bird physically active and healthy.
  2. Stimulates Curiosity: The combination of reflective mirrors and sparkling pacifiers piques your bird's curiosity and keeps them intrigued.
  3. Safe and Bird-Friendly: Carefully constructed with bird-safe materials, ensuring a fun and secure environment for your feathered friend.

Ideal for Small to Medium Bird Breeds: This toy is not just a mere amusement; it's a delightful addition to your bird's cage, offering hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. Suitable for a variety of bird breeds, it's a versatile choice for bird lovers.

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