1665 Huge Jazzy Swing

$65.99 USD

The 1665 Huge Jazzy Swing from Bonka Bird Toys is a massive colorful & chewable swing for your large sized feathered friend! This giant swing stands out in any cage with its brightly colored material and wonderful bird pleasing design. The top of the bird toy has a heavy duty quick link connector for fast and easy hanging in the bird aviary. A sturdy metal ring hangs from the connector which has a sturdy link chain hanging from it. This link chain has another metal ring looped through its last link and then hangs the swings main sturdy metal wire of the arch. The arch of the swing has been formed with this wire and is adorned with tons of beak and feet pleasing materials. Your pet will find loads of colorful wooden chew blocks, colorful wooden chew spheres, natural leather squares and brightly colored all natural sisal knots. Sisal is an all natural material and ideal for grabbing, pulling and chewing. As all of the items on the swing have the metal wire passing through their center your pet will have lots of fun turning and manipulating the different pieces. The perch of the bird swing has been made with a large piece of sturdy Dragonwood. This all natural wood has a marvelous natural look with its excellent smooth bark and clean bright wood tone. The wood is strong and provides an ideal surface for your pet to perch and chew. The sturdy metal wire forming the arch slips through (2) drilled holes on the wood perch and is turned into small loops. These can be used to hang more items from the swing.

The 1665 Huge Jazzy Swing is 100% bird safe ships in bright bird pleasing assorted colors and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (28) inches
Width: (22) inches
Depth: (4) inches
Weight: About (4) lbs & (3) oz or (68) ounces

  • Huge colorful chewable swing.
  • Heavy Duty Quick Link
  • Lots of beak & feet pleasing materials.
  • Sturdy Dragonwood perch.