1660 Ducky Basket

$8.99 USD


At the heart of the 1660 Ducky Basket is a delightful combination of materials and textures. The toy starts with a quick link attachment for effortless installation, leading down to a natural woven bamboo basket. This basket is not just a treat for the eyes but also offers a myriad of textures for your bird to explore.

Inside the basket sits a cheerful rubber ducky, perched atop a colorful array of shreddable paper, making for a delightful foraging opportunity. The ducky is securely attached with a small metal wire, adorned with a colorful plastic bead and a strip of natural leather on its head for added play value. The basket's design is completed with a small metal bell at the bottom, adding a pleasant auditory experience to your bird's playtime.

Key Specifications:

  • Overall Dimensions: The toy measures approximately 5.75 inches in height (from the top of the basket handle to the bell), 2.25 inches in depth (from the front of the basket to the back), and 3.25 inches in width.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing in at under 2 ounces, this toy is lightweight yet durable, perfect for small birds to enjoy without any strain.


  • A Burst of Colors: The bright and vibrant colors not only enhance your bird's cage but also stimulate your pet's visual senses.
  • Encourages Natural Behaviors: This toy is perfect for birds that love to shred, chew, and forage, promoting healthy engagement and preventing boredom.
  • Safe and Secure: Crafted with 100% bird-safe materials, you can have peace of mind knowing your feathered friend is playing with a toy that's safe for them to enjoy.
  • Engaging Design: The cute woven bamboo basket and rubber ducky add a charming touch, ensuring that this toy becomes a fast favorite with your pet.

Bring Joy with the 1660 Ducky Basket

Offer your bird the gift of fun, engagement, and endless shredding with the 1660 Ducky Basket. Its unique design, combined with a mix of textures and sounds, makes it an irresistible addition to any small bird's playtime repertoire. Watch as your feathered friend delights in the discovery and playful exploration that this toy provides.