1659 Ducky Hat

$6.99 USD

  • Brighten your small-sized bird's day with the 1659 Ducky Hat from Bonka Bird Toys, a whimsical and colorful addition to their habitat. This toy combines the allure of vibrant colors, multicolored crinkle paper, and a playful design to create a fun-filled environment that your bird will adore. With its cute duck and palm-leaf hat, this toy not only serves as a delightful visual attraction but also offers various textures for your bird to explore and engage with.

    Toy Highlights:

    • Interactive Play: Featuring a soft rubber duck adorned with a natural palm leaf hat and surrounded by multicolored crinkle paper, it encourages your bird to chew, pull, and forage, stimulating their natural instincts.
    • Vibrant Colors: The toy's bright colors and assorted materials captivate and maintain your bird's interest, making it a vibrant addition to any cage.
    • Easy Installation: Comes with a quick link attachment for convenient and secure hanging within your pet's aviary, allowing for easy placement and adjustment.
    • Safe Materials: Crafted from 100% bird-safe materials, including a bird-friendly soft rubber duck and natural palm, ensuring a safe playtime experience for your feathered friend.

    Perfect for Small-Sized Birds

    The 1659 Ducky Hat measures approximately 4 inches in height by 2 inches in width, making it the ideal size for small birds looking for a fun and engaging activity toy. Its compact size ensures that it fits comfortably in smaller cages without overwhelming the space.

    Encourages Natural Behaviors

    This adorable bird toy not only beautifies your pet's living space but also promotes healthy behaviors such as chewing and foraging, essential for your bird's mental and physical well-being. The varied textures and materials invite exploration, satisfying your bird's curiosity and need for stimulation.

    Add the 1659 Ducky Hat to your bird's toy collection and watch as they enjoy hours of entertainment and exploration, providing a joyful fiesta right in their cage. This toy is not just an accessory; it's a gateway to a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle for your beloved small-sized feathered friend.