1652 Duo Mardi Foraging Box

$10.99 USD

Elevate your medium-sized bird's playtime with the 1652 Duo Mardi Foraging Box, a towering delight of chewable and shreddable joy. Perfectly designed to fit virtually any cage, this toy offers many engaging activities for your feathered companion. The toy begins with a quick link attachment for swift installation, leading to an adventure of textures and colors, including wooden beads, colorful straw, palm leaf boxes, and bamboo finger traps, all culminating in a shreddy paper finale.

Features at a Glance:

  • Versatile Foraging Fun: Two palm leaf boxes of shreddy paper invite your bird to forage, chew, and explore.
  • Colorful & Engaging: Brightly colored components and natural textures create a visually stimulating experience.
  • Easy Installation: A sturdy, quick link attachment ensures the toy can be quickly and securely hung in your bird's cage.
  • 100% Bird Safe: Crafted from bird-safe materials, offering peace of mind for the conscientious bird owner.

Perfect for Medium-Sized Birds

Measuring approximately 9 inches in height and 5 inches in width, the 1652 Duo Mardi Foraging Box is ideal for medium-sized birds, providing just the right amount of challenge and stimulation.

A Symphony of Textures

From the softness of the palm leaf boxes to the crunch of bamboo finger traps, this toy offers a variety of textures to satisfy your bird's chewing and shredding instincts, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

The 1652 Duo Mardi Foraging Box from Bonka Bird Toys is not just a toy; it's a multifaceted play center designed to keep your bird mentally and physically engaged. Introduce this colorful, fun-filled toy to your bird's cage and watch as they enjoy hours of entertainment, exploring every inch of this thoughtfully designed masterpiece.

  • Richly colored shredding delight.
  • Easy to install and looks great.
  • Assortment of shredding and chewing materials.
  • 100% bird safe.
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