1585 pk6 Large Interstar


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The 1585 Pk6 Large Interstar from Bonka Bird Toys is a versatile and flexible foot toy for your pet bird. The Large Interstar is a classic look that is well known and loved by birds and bird owners alike. Each Interstar in the pack is a different vibrant color. The Interstars themselves are made of bird safe sturdy plastic. The bulbs on the stars are slotted which allows for easy pickup by beaks and feet. The slots in the stars also let you connect the stars together to make whatever shape and combination you like for your pet. The stars can be easily pulled apart which makes for even more foot fun. The middle of the stars have an opening which let you string them up with any other rope, twine or toy that you can think of. When they are hanging from a rope for example, the stars will easily spin and move around creating lots of excitement.

The 1585 Pk6 Large Interstars is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: ( 3) inches

Width: (3 ) inches

Depth: ( 1) inches

Weight: Under (4 ) ounces

  • 6 pack of different colored Large Interstars.
  • Can be connected and pulled apart easily.
  • Great foot toys for any size pet bird.
  • Made with 100% bird safe materials.