1554 Ducky Platform

$14.99 USD

Introducing the 1554 Ducky Platform Swing from Bonka Bird Toys: Transform your bird's cage into a fun-filled playground with this innovative and playful platform swing. Designed especially for medium to large-sized birds, the 1554 Ducky Platform Swing offers an exciting combination of rocking motion and interactive elements.

A Unique Blend of Fun and Relaxation:

  • Natural Hemp Rope Platform: Provides a sturdy and safe area for your bird to rest, play, or swing.
  • Entertaining Rubber Duckies: Adorning the platform, these playful elements will keep your bird engaged and amused.

Durable and Bird-Friendly Design:

  • Suspended by Sturdy Link Chain: Ensures a secure and stable swing experience.
  • All-Bird Safe Materials: Constructed with the safety and well-being of your feathered friend in mind.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Play Area: Serves as both a swing and a platform, offering multiple ways for your bird to enjoy.
  • Natural Feel: The hemp rope provides a comfortable and grippable surface, mimicking natural environments.
  • Easy to Install: Comes with a quick link for effortless cage placement and relocation as needed.

Perfect Dimensions for Bigger Birds:

  • Height: Approximately 12 inches
  • Width and Length: Approximately 12 inches square
  • A great hangout spot: Ideal for medium to large birds looking for a new favorite spot in their cage.