1547 Natural Helix

$4.49 USD $8.99

The 1547 Natural Helix from Bonka Bird Toys is a bird appealing and super shreddable toy! This bird toy has lots of easy to chew and shred textures that feel great in beaks and feet. The toy does include a quick link connector thats found at the top. This has a sturdy metal wire wrapped around it and continuing down through the center of the whole toy. This ends with another small loop that has a colorful rubber ring hanging from it. The wire at the top is adorned with (2) natural wooden beads and a colorful piece of plastic tube. These sit on top of a cardboard shred piece that sits on top of the first cardboard shred roll. There are (4) of these cardboard rolls on the bird toy with one on top, bottom and both sides. Each of the shred rolls are made from cardboard layers that have many perforations. They are pierced through their center allowing you to turn them around a full 360 degrees. Their soft material and many strips make them perfect for beaks and feet to grab. The middle of the bird toy has a natural vine ladder thats very enjoyable for chewing. Each of the side and bottom shred rolls have a cardboard shred piece, natural wooden bead and colorful rubber rings at their centerpoints.

The 1547 Natural Helix is 100% bird safe ships with bright bird pleasing assorted color rubber rings and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (11.5) or (11 1/2) inches

Width: (6.5) or (6 1/2) inches

Depth: (1.5) or (1 1/2) inches

Weight: About (3) ounces

  • Super shreddy medium sized bird toy.
  • Has (4) cardboard shred rolls.
  • Large natural vine ladder.
  • 100% bird safe.