1530 Large Christmas Tree

$5.24 USD $6.99

  • Celebrate the Season with the 1530 Large Christmas Tree by Bonka Bird Toys: Get into the holiday spirit and treat your small to medium-sized feathered companions to the festive 1530 Large Christmas Tree. This charming and interactive bird toy will bring joy and enrichment to your bird's life this holiday season.

    Deck the Cages with Holiday Cheer:

    • Vibrant Vine Christmas Tree: Wrapped in cheery colored vine strands, it’s not just a toy but a festive decor piece for your bird's habitat.
    • Small Bell for Added Fun: The gentle jingle will captivate and entertain your bird, adding an auditory element to their play.
    • Chew and Forage: Encourage natural chewing behavior and foraging skills, keeping your bird mentally and physically active.

    Key Features:

    • Promotes Healthy Chewing: Offers a safe and enjoyable option for birds who instinctively love to chew.
    • Bird-Safe Materials: Crafted with the safety of your feathered friends in mind, ensuring a worry-free playtime.
    • Easy to Install: Comes with a quick link for effortless cage placement, ideal for both inside and outside the cage.
    • Foraging Fun: Fill it with crinkle paper or treats to transform it into a foraging paradise.

    Perfect Size for Small to Medium Birds: Measuring approximately 8 inches in height and 5 inches in width, this toy is ideally sized for small to medium birds. Lightweight and easy to interact with, it's perfect for hanging in your bird's cage as a festive enrichment toy.

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