1511 Long Heart

$17.99 USD

The 1511 Long Heart From Bonka Bird Toys it's a chewable feast for your medium to a large feathered friend, The 1511 Long Heart begins with easy quick links connected to a metal chain that will work as the backbone of the toy continuously with multiple Brightly colored (10) wood blocks and (10) wood hearts are strung vertically, So besides the beak work out he will get another as he climbs on this lengthy toy, finish with a piece of leather, comes complete with a quick link for easy cage placement.


The 1511 Long Heart From Bonka Bird Toys is 100% bird-safe, and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: ( 24 ) inches

Width: (3.5) inches


Weight: Under (7) ounces


Brightly colored wood pieces.
Offers a diversion to chew.
Quick link for easy cage placement
Fun heart style and great beak and feet workout
A Quality product Proudly made by hand in Florida USA