1500 Duo Coco Spoon

$22.99 USD

The 1500 Duo Coco Spoon from Bonka Bird Toys is a shiny and noisy chewable good time for your feathered friend. This bird toy has lots of shiny stainless steel spoons and (2) all natural half coconut shells. A quick link connector is included at the top of the bird toy letting you install it in the cage effortlessly. A sturdy link chain hangs down from the connector supporting both of the half coconut shells with a sturdy metal ring underneath. The metal chain has been adorned with colorful plastic tubes that are great fun for birds to interact with. Both of the half shell coconuts have (4) sturdy metal rings looped through drilled holes that each have (1) stainless steel measuring spoon and (1) colorful acrylic ring. This bird toy fills space wonderfully and entices your pet from anywhere in the cage with its lovely bird centric design. These items are super bird enticing, are very reflective and create lots of movement and noise when your pet plays with the toy.

The 1500 Duo Coco Spoon is 100% bird safe ships with bright bird pleasing assorted color acrylic rings and plastic tubes and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (15) inches

Width: (5) inches

Weight: Under (10) ounces

  • A noisy & colorful chewable bird toy!
  • Has (2) natural half shell coconuts & lots of stainless steel spoons.
  • Easy to grab & pull.
  • 100% bird safe.