1467 Ball Clanger

$5.99 USD

Bright and Enticing Fun: The 1467 Ball Clanger Bird Toy by Bonka Bird Toys

A Symphony of Colors and Sounds for Your Feathered Friend

Delight your petite avian companion with the vibrant and engaging 1467 Ball Clanger from Bonka Bird Toys. Designed to cater to the playful nature of small birds, this toy combines color, sound, and movement to provide endless entertainment. Whether your bird loves to peck, swing, or just explore, this toy is the perfect addition to their habitat.

Features That Spark Joy:

  • Colorful Playtime: With three robust plastic rattle balls, each connected by brightly colored, sturdy plastic chains, this toy is a visual feast for your bird, encouraging exploration and play.
  • Engaging Sounds: As your bird interacts with the 1467 Ball Clanger, the rattling of the balls creates a captivating symphony of sounds, stimulating your bird's auditory senses and keeping them entertained for hours.
  • Perfect for Small Spaces: Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for smaller cages, ensuring your bird enjoys maximum fun without compromising on space.
  • Safe and Durable: Crafted with 100% bird-safe materials, the toy is built to withstand the enthusiastic play of your feathered friend, ensuring lasting fun and safety.
  • Specifications: The toy measures approximately 8 inches in height and 3.25 inches in width, with a lightweight design under 3 ounces, making it easy for your bird to maneuver and enjoy.

Transform Your Bird's Cage into a Playground:

The 1467 Ball Clanger is not just a toy; it's an interactive experience designed to enhance your bird's physical and mental well-being. By encouraging movement and exploration, this toy helps keep your bird active and engaged, promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

Give your small feathered friend the gift of joy and stimulation with the 1467 Ball Clanger from Bonka Bird Toys. Perfect for birds who love to explore, play, and make a little noise, this toy is sure to be a hit in any small bird's cage.