1465 Seagrass Tent

$14.99 USD



  • Create a Comforting Space in Your Bird's Cage: The 1465 Seagrass Tent from Bonka Bird Toys offers a serene and natural hideaway for your small to medium-sized birds. Crafted with simplicity and bird safety in mind, this tent is a fantastic addition to any avian home.

    Key Features:

    • Natural Seagrass Construction: Made with three panels of natural seagrass mats, providing a soft and comfortable environment.
    • Sturdy Design: Held together with robust metal rings, maintaining a secure and stable tent shape.
    • Easy Installation: Features a medium-sized plastic link for effortless hanging in your bird’s cage.
    • Versatile Use: Perfect for chewing, foraging, or as a snug retreat, enhancing your bird’s overall well-being.

    Benefits for Your Bird:

    • Safe and Secure Hideaway: Offers a private space for your bird to relax and feel secure.
    • Encourages Natural Behaviors: The seagrass material is ideal for nibbling and foraging, promoting natural activities.
    • Comfortable and Cozy: Soft seagrass provides a gentle resting place, perfect for cuddling and relaxation.
    • Customizable Fun: Add foraging material or favorite toys inside the tent for added enjoyment.

    Perfect for Various Bird Sizes: The 1465 Seagrass Tent's dimensions (8 inches high by 8 inches long) make it suitable for small to medium bird species, allowing them to experience the joy and comfort of a natural hideaway.