1464 Puzzle Play

$9.99 USD

Introduce your medium to large-sized feathered companions to the 1464 Puzzle Play, a toy designed to challenge and captivate their inquisitive minds. This unique toy combines physical activity with mental stimulation, offering a rewarding and engaging experience that will keep your bird intrigued for hours.

A Puzzle That Promises Fun

At the heart of this toy is a clear plastic tube, solid yet intriguing, adorned with both movable and immovable rings. The challenge? Your bird will be drawn to pull, tug, and explore ways to remove the rings from the tube. It's not just a toy; it's a puzzle that appeals to their natural problem-solving skills, providing both entertainment and intellectual stimulation.

Designed for Engagement and Safety

Measuring approximately 9 inches in height and 3 inches in width, the 1464 Puzzle Play is perfectly sized for medium to large birds. The combination of great textures and colors not only enhances the visual appeal but also encourages interaction, ensuring your bird remains engaged and interested.

Ease of Use Meets Durability

Equipped with a quick link attachment, this toy can be easily and securely placed in your bird's cage, offering instant access to a world of fun. Constructed with all bird-safe materials, it assures that your pet's health and well-being are always prioritized, letting them explore and play with peace of mind.