1411 Huge Globe Rope Swing

$69.99 USD

Enchant Your Avian Companions with the 1411 Huge Globe Rope Swing!

Elevate your cherished bird's playtime with the magnificent 1411 Huge Globe Rope Swing. Lovingly crafted to be the pinnacle of amusement and comfort for your feathered friends, this swing ensures hours of engaging activity in the safe confines of their home.

Vibrant Design, Unmatched Durability Suspended in the air, the festive globe beckons with its kaleidoscopic array of tightly wound cotton ropes, promising visual delight and a sturdy grip. The durable construction, with its heavy-duty link attachment, is built to withstand the most spirited of play, making it an enduring addition to your pet's habitat.

Joyful Engagement, Essential Preening At the heart of this swing lies the promise of joy and health. It caters to your bird's preening needs and cognitive stimulation and is adorned with large knots, frayed ends, and whimsical plastic shapes. The gentle jingle of metal bells adds an auditory element, enhancing the sensory experience.

A Safe Haven We prioritize the safety of your avian companion. Rest assured, every 1411 Huge Globe Rope Swing aspect is 100% bird-safe, creating a worry-free environment for you and your pet.

Specifications for Perfect Fit

  • Height: A grand 32 inches of hanging fun
  • Width: 19 inches of colorful exploration
  • Weight: A sturdy yet manageable 3 lbs & 15 oz

Features at a Glance

  • A colossal, multi-hued rope globe swing for endless entertainment
  • Superior surface texture for beak and foot exercise
  • Ideal for essential preening activities
  • Guarantee of 100% safety for birds

Bird owners seeking to inspire their pets with a play area that challenges, entertains, and comforts will find the 1411 Huge Globe Rope Swing an impeccable choice.

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