1343 Medium Indestructible Pipe Bell

$14.99 USD

The 1343 Medium Indestructible Pipe Bell from Bonka Bird Toys is a brightly colored pretty bird-safe small sized bell for your feathered friend. This bell is super durable and brightens up any cage with its eye-grabbing bright hue! The top of the indestructible bell has a quick link connector included letting you install the bird toy fast. From the quick link, the connector hangs a sturdy link chain. This link chain continues all the way down to the bell looping around a chain-link that's fixed right to the bell pipe. The bell pipe and the chain-link are both powder-coated steel and have a durable highly reflective quality finish. This finish gives the bell its ultra-bright color and very durable quality. The bell ringer has been welded to a structure inside of the bell. Pet birds are not able to get their heads inside of the bell or break off the clapper ringer. You can easily change the hanging length of the indestructible bells powder-coated chain by simply inserting the quick link connector into any other link of your choosing. Indestructible bells look great in any cage and are sure to entertain your pet for many sessions to come! The 1343 Medium Indestructible Pipe Bell is 100% bird safe and measures about (9) inches tall with a (1.25) inch width. The Indestructible Pipe Bells are available in (5) different colors. This is for one bell only.
  • Awesome vibrant colors.
  • 100% Bird Safe Materials.
  • Indestructible and easily maintained.
  • Zinc free powder coating.
  • Quick link for easy cage placement.
  • Weighs under (5) ounces.
  • Measures about (9) inches tall by (1.25) inches wide.

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