1281 Shred pole

$7.99 USD

The 1281 Shredpole from Bonka Bird Toys is a fantastic choice for medium-sized birds that enjoy engaging their busy beaks with shredding and chewing activities. Crafted with the needs of feathered shredders in mind, this toy combines the joy of destruction with the safety and satisfaction of your pet. Let's delve into the features that make the Shredpole a must-have in your bird's toy arsenal.

Designed for the Joy of Shredding

Shreddable Skyscraper Design: Featuring a set of stacked boxes in a unique skyscraper formation, the Shredpole offers a delightfully destructible experience. The slight irregularity in the boxes adds to the intrigue, providing varied textures for your bird to explore.

Colorful Wooden Planks: This toy, adorned with colorful wooden planks, not only adds a burst of color to your bird's cage but also presents additional chewable elements. These planks are securely tied together on a vegetable-tanned leather strand, ensuring durability and long-lasting fun.

Promoting Healthy Behaviors

Alleviates Cage Boredom: The Shredpole's engaging nature makes it an excellent tool for combating cage boredom. This toy helps keep your bird mentally stimulated and physically active by providing a constructive outlet for shredding and chewing.

Bird Safe Materials: Safety is paramount, and the 1281 Shredpole is constructed from all bird-safe materials. This commitment to your bird's well-being ensures they can play and shred to their heart's content without risk.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Quick Link for Easy Cage Placement: Equipped with a quick link, the Shredpole can be easily and securely attached to your bird's cage. This convenient feature allows for hassle-free installation, so your bird can enjoy their new toy immediately.

Perfect Size for Medium-Sized Birds: Measuring approximately 11 inches high by 3.5 inches wide, the Shredpole is ideally sized for medium birds. Its proportions ensure your bird has plenty of material to shred without the toy overwhelming their living space.

The 1281 Shredpole from Bonka Bird Toys is more than just a toy; it's a pathway to endless fun and satisfaction for your bird. By encouraging natural behaviors like shredding and chewing, this toy not only entertains but also contributes to your bird's overall happiness and health. Add the Shredpole to your bird's cage and watch as they delight in the shreddable skyscraper, ensuring they're engaged, active, and content.