1254 7/8" Seagrass Braided Rope 20 Ft

$22.99 USD

The 1254 Seagrass Braided Rope 20 Ft from Bonka Bird Toys is a hugely entertaining big roll of seagrass! This material is all natural and makes for perfect shredding and foraging. The seagrass comes rolled up in a big wheel bound with natural twine. The seagrass rope is a woven strip with big pieces interlacing each other. The seagrass can be wound around objects and can have large loose knots tied off on it. The seagrass can also be cut up into smaller pieces and used to stuff for foraging and shredding material. Natural materials like seagrass are ideal for pet birds as its bird safe, soft for beaks and feet and easy for pets of all ages and abilities to play with. Straightforward, natural and great fun - woven seagrass makes for a stellar foot and shredding toy.
The 1254 Seagrass Braided Rope 20 Ft is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:
Length: About (20) feet!
Width: (7/8) or (0.87) inches
Thickness: (3/8) or (0.37) inches
Weight: Under (7) ounces
  • Big roll of woven seagrass!
  • Great for foraging & shredding.
  • Tons of uses.
  • 100% bird safe.