1215 Pk3 Sola Crepe Ball

$5.99 USD

The 1215 Pk3 Sola Crepe Ball from Bonka Bird Toys are lightweight and super accessible foot toys that pet birds love! These delightful sola balls are made with all-natural root and look very enticing with their cool design. Each crepe ball has been made with pieces of the root from the Sola plant. This root is very lightweight and easy for pets to grab with their beak and feet. As it is a natural item its perfectly safe to chew and forage. There are many pieces of sola that have been coiled into wide-mouthed tubes and placed into a sphere formation. These stick out from the center of the ball all around the sphere giving its unique look. As the sola crepe balls are very light and easy to manipulate they make for perfect foot toys for pet birds of all ages and abilities. Other small pets love chewing on sola too and these balls are the perfect thing! The sola balls are so dreamy they can even be used for art and craft projects.

The 1215 Pk3 Sola Crepe Ball is 100% bird safe and measures about (2.25) inches in diameter but this does vary from ball to ball as they are natural items.

  • A delectable sola foot toy!
  • Easy to grab and chew.
  • Perfect for pets of all ages and abilities.
  • 100% bird safe.