1203 Duo Ball

$11.99 USD

The 1203 Duo Ball from Bonka Bird Toys is a colorful boredom-alleviating bird toy for your medium-sized feathered friend. All Birds love to climb, swing and play and this multi-purpose toy brings all those activities! There are Two colorful plastic foraging balls that have a small play ball (rattle) inside them. This rattler makes noise whenever the balls are played with. The two tough balls are linked together with a solid plastic link chain and decorated with brightly colored acrylic pacifiers. Your favorite friends will have a "ball" trying to see what's inside. The bright colors and reflective surfaces make this toy really stand out in any cage you decide to install it in.

The 1203 Duo Ball From Bonka Bird Toys is 100% bird safe and ships in bright assorted bird-pleasing colors and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (8) inches
Width: (3) inches
Weight: Under (4) ounces

Will peek at your bird's desire to explore.
All bird-safe materials.
Promotes healthy foraging.
Colorful, boredom-busting toy.
Refillable foraging balls.
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