1203 Duo Ball

$11.99 USD

Elevate your bird's playtime with the vibrant and engaging 1203 Duo Ball from Bonka Bird Toys. Designed to banish boredom and stimulate your bird's natural instincts, this toy offers a world of exploration, noise, and color. Perfect for medium-sized birds, the 1203 Duo Ball combines foraging, climbing, and swinging into one dynamic accessory. Let's delve into the details that make this toy a must-have for your feathered friend.

A Symphony of Colors and Sounds

Interactive Foraging Balls: At the heart of this toy are two colorful plastic balls, each housing a small rattle inside. The sound of the rattle, triggered by play, adds an auditory dimension to your bird's exploration, piquing their curiosity and encouraging further interaction.

Brightly Colored Acrylic Pacifiers: Adorning the solid plastic link chain that connects the foraging balls, these pacifiers not only add a splash of color but also provide additional texture and shape for your bird to explore.

Designed for Endless Fun

Refillable Foraging Experience: The duo balls are designed to be refillable, allowing you to continually update the inside treasures, keeping your bird's interest alive and promoting healthy foraging behavior.

Easy Installation with Quick Links: Equipped with convenient quick links, this toy can be easily and securely attached to any birdcage, making setup a breeze.

Safe and Stimulating

100% Bird Safe: Crafted with all bird-safe materials, the 1203 Duo Ball ensures a safe play environment for your pet, giving you peace of mind while they enjoy their new toy.

Ideal Measurements for Medium-Sized Birds

  • Height: 8 inches
  • Width: 3 inches
  • Weight: Under 4 ounces

These dimensions make the 1203 Duo Ball the perfect size for medium birds, providing ample opportunity for play without overwhelming their space.

Why the 1203 Duo Ball?

The 1203 Duo Ball from Bonka Bird Toys stands out as a multifaceted toy that caters to a bird's instinctual needs to climb, swing, forage, and play. Its bright colors and reflective surfaces ensure it catches your bird's eye (and keeps it), while the internal rattles add an element of surprise and excitement. This toy is not just a plaything; it's a tool for mental and physical stimulation, ensuring your bird stays engaged and happy.

Introduce the 1203 Duo Ball to your bird's cage and watch as they discover the joy and excitement of interacting with this colorful, boredom-busting toy.