1134 Long Mini Step

$9.99 USD

  • 1134 Long Mini Step, a meticulously handcrafted chew and climb toy that serves as the perfect addition to the cage of your medium-sized feathered companion. Proudly made in Florida, USA, this toy combines functionality with fun, ensuring your bird stays engaged, active, and happy. Its vibrant design and bird-safe construction make it an ideal choice for pet owners who prioritize both the mental and physical well-being of their birds.

    Features & Benefits

    • Vibrant Design: Featuring colorful, chewable square wood pieces alternated with natural-colored, polished wooden beads, this toy not only brightens up the cage but also stimulates your bird's senses and encourages natural chewing behavior.
    • Engaging Activities: Equipped with a medium-sized bell, the 1134 Long Mini Step offers auditory stimulation, adding an extra layer of engagement as your bird enjoys their step workout. It's an excellent way to promote exercise and alleviate cage boredom.
    • Bird-Safe Materials: Crafted with all bird-safe materials, this toy ensures a safe environment for your pet to play and explore. You can rest easy knowing their playtime is both fun and secure.
    • Easy Installation: Comes complete with a quick link attachment, making it incredibly easy to place in any cage. This hassle-free setup allows for immediate enjoyment and versatility in positioning.
    • Handmade Quality: A testament to American craftsmanship, this quality product is handmade with care in Florida, USA, ensuring each piece meets high standards of quality and durability.

    Perfect For

    • Medium-sized birds looking for stimulating chew and climb activities.
    • Bird owners seeking to enhance their pet's cage with a colorful and engaging toy.
    • Those who value handmade, quality American products for their pets.

    Transform your bird's cage into a vibrant playground with the 1134 Long Mini Step, where every step is an adventure. This toy not only serves as a delightful addition to your pet's environment but also promotes positive behavior through engaging, safe, and stimulating activities. Embrace this quality, handmade toy and watch your feathered friend thrive.