1111 Huge Pyramid Rope Swing

$74.99 USD

The 1111 Huge Pyramid Rope Swing from Bonka Bird Toys is a massive swing packed with tons of charms and beak pleasing wooden blocks for your large beaked buddy. This big colorful bird rope swing is packed with different materials and surfaces to keep your companion super entertained! At the top of the rope swing is a heavy-duty quick link attachment letting you get it quickly installed in your pet's cage.

From here a sturdy metal ring hangs from the heavy-duty quick link connector. This metal ring has a big knot of all-natural cotton rope tied right to it. Out of the top of the cotton knot are (3) cotton ropes that each have a medium-sized chunky knot on them with great bird pleasing items. Your pet will find (2) big colorful wooden pieces and a large metal bell. Also coming out of each of the knots are lengths of cotton rope that are frayed. This frayed rope is ideal for preening and your pet will find it other places on the rope swing.

Coming out of the other side of the large cotton knot are (3) lengths of cotton rope that suspend the huge ring perch. Each of these cotton ropes wrap around the ring perch and hang more beak pleasing items! After they wrap around the ring perch they hang (3) colorful assorted wooden chew blocks, spheres and more! These wooden chew pieces have (2) large knots around them and also have a more frayed cotton rope hanging from the bottom.

The huge ring perch itself measures a giant (16) inches in diameter! The ring perch has the same awesome colorful cotton rope but in a different beak and foot pleasing way. The rope has been layered as its tightly wound around the ring perch creating a great groovy surface that's perfect for gripping beaks and feet.

Completing this masterpiece of a rope swing are (3) gorgeous wavy ring charms that are all assorted colors and bright and bird pleasing. From each of these plastic translucent rings hang (3) natural leather strips that have even more bird pleasing items hanging from their lengths. Your pet will find acrylic pacifiers, colorful plastic shapes and pretty clear plastic dice.

The 1111 Huge Pyramid Rope Swing is 100% bird safe. This colorful bird swing weighs around (45) ounces and measures approximately (16) inches wide with a (23) inch height from the top of the metal ring to the bottom of the cotton fray hanging below.

  • Amazing huge rope swing.
  • Great easy to grip perch.
  • Lots of beak pleasing items and materials.
  • 100% bird safe.

Excluded locations: Alaska, Hawaii, US Protectorates, APO/FPO, PO Box and Puerto Rico