1080 Cane Cake

$8.99 USD

Bonka Bird Toys 1080 Cane Cake – the ultimate toy for your feathered friends! Specifically designed to cater to the needs of busy beaks, this colorful wonder is a must-have addition to your bird's cage. Crafted to perfection, the 1080 Cane Cake features a woven bamboo ball at its core, measuring approximately 6 inches high by 4 inches wide. This eco-friendly, bird-safe toy is as visually stimulating as it is entertaining, and it comes in assorted vibrant colors, adding a touch of excitement to your pet's environment. What makes this toy truly special is its intricate design. Inside the bamboo ball, you'll find a delightful surprise – colored crinkly paper your birds love to shred and forage through. But that's not all! The 1080 Cane Cake is adorned with paper cupcake liners, offering an irresistible blend of textures for your avian companion to chew on. Installing the 1080 Cane Cake is a breeze, thanks to the quick link that comes with it. Attach it to your bird's cage and watch as they dive into hours of engaging playtime. This toy is designed for small-sized birds and promises to keep them happily occupied, meeting their need for mental and physical stimulation. The Bonka Bird Toys 1080 Cane Cake is the perfect blend of entertainment and enrichment for your small-sized feathered friends. Get one today and ensure your beloved companion's beak stays engaged, happy, and mentally stimulated. It's not just a toy; it's a shred, forage, and chew adventure in one!
  • Stimulating Design: Woven bamboo ball filled with colorful crinkly paper and cupcake liners for hours of shredding, foraging, and chewing fun.
  • Perfect Size: The 1080 Cane Cake measures 6" H x 4" W, ideal for small-sized birds, keeping them engaged and mentally stimulated.
  • Vibrant Variety: Available in assorted colors, adding excitement to your pet's cage environment.
  • Quick & Easy Installation: Includes a convenient quick link for effortless cage placement, ensuring your bird's entertainment is just a click away.
  • Bird-Safe Materials: Crafted from safe, eco-friendly materials, giving you peace of mind while your feathered friend enjoys playtime.