1070 Swiss Bag

$6.99 USD

  • At the heart of the 1070 Swiss Bag lies a vibrant woven wicker basket overflowing with many colorful playthings. From the enticing crinkle of colored paper to the intriguing shapes of cardboard cutouts, every element is carefully chosen to captivate your bird's interest. The addition of colorful plastic rings and sisal rope introduces a variety of textures, encouraging your feathered friend to explore, forage, and play to their heart's content.

    Key Features:

    • Reusable & Refillable Design: The 1070 Swiss Bag isn't just a toy; it's a long-term playmate for your bird. Its refillable nature means endless entertainment, allowing you to refresh its contents and keep the excitement alive.
    • Promotes a Stimulating Environment: Say goodbye to cage boredom! This toy creates a vibrant playground that stimulates your bird's natural instincts to forage, chew, and explore.
    • Crafted with Bird-Safe Materials: Safety is our top priority. Every component of the 1070 Swiss Bag is made from bird-safe materials, ensuring your pet's well-being while they play.
    • Effortless Installation: Equipped with a quick link, this toy can be easily attached to any cage, making it convenient to introduce this bundle of joy into your bird's life.

    Colors That Captivate:

    While the 1070 Swiss Bag is a kaleidoscope of colors, please note that the actual color may vary from the pictures. This uniqueness adds an element of surprise, making each toy unique to your bird's collection.

    Enhance Your Bird's Life Today!

    Incorporating the 1070 Swiss Bag into your bird's cage is more than just providing a toy; it's about enriching their daily life with joy, activity, and color. Ready to give your bird the gift of endless fun? Add the 1070 Swiss Bag to your bird's environment and watch as they explore a world of play and excitement.