1068 Duo Swiss Bag

$10.99 USD

  • The 1068 Duo Swiss Bag from Bonka Bird Toys is a vibrant and interactive toy designed for small to medium-sized birds, offering a myriad of fun and healthy play activities. Each toy features two colorful woven wicker baskets stuffed with a variety of engaging materials including colored crinkly paper, cardboard cutouts, colorful plastic rings, and colored sisal rope. This rich combination of textures and materials is sure to stimulate your feathered friend's curiosity, providing ample opportunities for foraging, chewing, and playing, thereby alleviating cage boredom.

    Main Features:

    • Versatile Play Options: With a wide array of materials to explore, your bird will have endless entertainment pulling, chewing, and foraging through the contents of the wicker baskets.
    • Refillable and Reusable: The design allows for easy refilling of the baskets with new materials, extending the life of the toy and keeping playtime fresh and exciting.
    • Designed for Safety: Crafted from 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring a healthy play environment for your feathered companion.
    • Easy Installation: Includes a quick link for fast and secure placement within the cage, making it convenient to introduce to your pet's environment.

    Perfect for Small to Medium Birds

    Measuring approximately 11 inches high by 3 inches wide, the 1068 Duo Swiss Bag is perfectly sized for small to medium birds, providing just the right level of challenge and entertainment without being overwhelming.

    Engaging and Stimulating

    The combination of textures and materials not only encourages active engagement but also satisfies your bird's natural instincts to chew and forage, promoting mental and physical well-being.

    Invest in the 1068 Duo Swiss Bag for a playful and stimulating addition to your bird's cage, ensuring they have a fulfilling and entertaining habitat. This toy is a testament to Bonka Bird Toys' commitment to creating high-quality, bird-safe, and engaging toys that enrich the lives of birds and their owners alike.