1051 Large Rope Boing Coil Swing

$29.99 USD

The 1051 Large Rope Boing from Bonka Bird Toys is a wonderful colorful boingy perch for your large size feathered friend! This rope perch comes with a quick link attachment at the top of the toy for fast and easy hanging. This link connects to a swivel joint that allows the boingy perch to twist around making great fun for your pet bird! A sturdy plastic cap is found at either end of the rope boing. The perch itself is made with multicolored cotton rope that has been tightly wound providing your pet with an ideal places to perch their feet. The 1051 can have its shape slightly adjusted to allow you to shape it to best please your pet and fit the cage or aviary. Measuring at approximately (8) feet this huge perch has tons of room for your pet to play and enjoy! At the bottom of this large bird perch there is a big metal bell putting the final touches on this masterpiece! The 1051 Large Rope Boing Coil Swing is 100% bird safe and measures about (96) inches long with a rope diameter of (1) inch diameter.

  • New c-link swivel.
  • Soft cotton rope for comfort
  • Endless swinging and swiveling fun.
  • Quick link for easy placement in or out of the cage.