1035 Medium Rope Triangle Ring

$18.99 USD

The 1035 Medium Rope Triangle Ring from Bonka Bird Toys a bird appealing fun way for your feathered friend to hang out! This great rope perch has an appealing simple design that will entice pets of all ages to come and enjoy. At the top of the triangle rope perch is a quick link attachment for fast and easy hanging in the cage. From here a small link chain hangs down to the top of the rope perch. This link chain has a sturdy metal wire looped through it that then loops around the top of the triangle rope perch. The main body of the perch is a medium sized triangle that has been formed from a sturdy metal with thats had colorful all natural bird safe cotton rope tightly wound around it. This cotton rope provides an excellent texture for your pets beak and feet to grab on to. At the top and both other (2) corners are colorful frayed pieces of cotton rope. This material is perfect for preening and very easy for pets to pull on. On the rope perch itself are (2) colorful plastic charms that can have other items and toys hung off of them. In the middle of the triangle rope perch on the bottom in the middle is a large cotton knot with many frays of cotton rope coming out of it. Your pet will also find a strip of natural leather with (2) small metal bells hanging from it. The bright colors and great beak pleasing item make this medium sized rope perch ideal for any cage that can fit it.

The 1035 Medium Rope Triangle Ring is 100% bird safe, ships in assorted bright bird pleasing colors, and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (19) inches

Width: (12.5) inches or (12 1/2) inches

Depth at its widest at the bottom knot: (3) inches

Weight: (13) ounces