1022 Huge Rope Coil Boing Swing

$39.99 USD

The 1022 Huge Rope Coil Boing Swing from Bonka Bird Toys is a huge colorful easy to climb rope perch for your large feathered friend. This rope perch has wonderful bright rainbow colors that stand out in any cage! At the top and bottom of the rope perch there are sturdy plastic caps. These caps cover the ends of the rope perch, have a nice smooth surface and support the sturdy metal wire loops standing out from them.

At the very top of the rope coil there is a heavy duty quick link attachment. This attachment lets you quickly hang the rope perch in the cage and it supports the swivel joint hanging from it. The swivel joint allows this rope perch to turn a full 360 degrees! The sturdy metal wire coming out of the top plastic cap loops through the bottom of the swivel joint which allows the rope perch to spin.

The main body of the rope perch itself is a long (110) inch sturdy metal wire that has been tightly wrapped with the all natural colorful bird safe cotton rope. This cotton rope has lots of texture in its wrapping providing an excellent climbing and grabbing surface for your pet.

At the bottom of the coil boing swing is a large metal bell thats hanging from the sturdy metal wire standing from the lower plastic cap. This large metal bell makes that great bird pleasing sound whenever your pet bird interacts with the rope perch.

The 1022 Huge Rope Coil Boing Swing is 100% bird safe. This rope perch measures about:

Plastic End Cap:

Length: (1.18) inches or (1 3/16) inches

Width: (1.5) inches or (1 1/2) inches

Rope Perch:

Length: (110) inches!

Perch Thickness: (1.12) inches or (1 1/8) inches


Approximately: (45) ounces or (2) lbs & (13) ounces