1022 Huge Rope Coil Boing Swing

$39.99 USD


The 1022 Huge Rope Coil Boing Swivel Swing from Bonka Bird Toys is an exciting and vibrant addition to any large bird's cage. This substantial rope perch is designed for large birds like Amazons, African Greys, and Eclectus, providing them with a fantastic environment to climb, perch, and play. Featuring bright rainbow colors, this rope perch stands out and adds a splash of cheer to your bird's habitat. The perch is made from all-natural, bird-safe cotton rope with abundant texture, ensuring an excellent surface for climbing and gripping. Your feathered friend will love the fun and challenge of navigating this colorful rope. One of the unique features of this rope coil boing swivel swing is its full-motion 360-degree swivel; this allows your bird to spin and explore their surroundings dynamically, adding an extra layer of fun to their playtime. At the bottom of the perch, a large metal bell provides a delightful melodic element, enhancing the overall experience for your bird. With a length of 110 inches and a perch diameter of 1 1/8th inch, the Huge Rope Coil Boing Swivel Swing is perfectly sized for larger bird species, offering them a comfortable and engaging place to spend their time.

Ideal for Large Birds: Perfectly sized for Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus, and similar breeds.

Bright and Colorful Design: Features a rainbow-colored cotton rope that adds vibrancy to the cage.

Textured Climbing Surface: Natural cotton rope provides an excellent grip for climbing and perching.

360-Degree Swivel Motion: Full-motion swivel allows for fun spinning and dynamic movement.

Melodic Bell Feature: Includes a large metal bell for auditory stimulation during play.