00740 Mini Foraging Pouch

$17.99 USD

The 00740 Mini Foraging Pouch from Bonka Bird Toys is the ultimate enrichment accessory for your small to medium-sized birds. Designed with both playfulness and practicality in mind, this seagrass pouch is a treasure trove of exploration for your feathered friends. Filled to the brim with colorful paper shred and adorned with an assortment of flower beads, wooden slats, colorful plastic beads, and Paulie rope, it offers endless hours of foraging fun. Not only is it a delightful playground in its own right, but its refillable nature means the fun never has to end.

Key Features:


  • Dimensions: Perfectly sized at approximately 8 inches in height and 8 inches in width, providing a generous space for foraging and play.
  • Refillable Design: A fantastic feature that allows you to continually replenish the pouch with new treasures, keeping your bird engaged and entertained.
  • Diverse Textures and Materials: The combination of seagrass, paper shred, beads, wooden slats, and rope introduces a variety of textures for sensory stimulation.
  • Easy to Hang: Comes with a large, sturdy plastic "C" clip, ensuring a secure and straightforward hanging process in any cage setup.
  • Bird Safe: Crafted from 100% bird-safe materials, giving you peace of mind about the health and safety of your pet.
  • Made in the USA: A quality product proudly made in the USA, ensuring high standards of craftsmanship and material selection.


The 00740 Mini Foraging Pouch isn't just a toy; it's a comprehensive solution for your bird's foraging and play needs. By mimicking the natural behavior of searching for food, it helps keep your bird mentally sharp and physically active, promoting overall well-being.

Perfect For:


  • Pet owners seeking an enriching and engaging foraging toy for their birds.
  • Birds of small to medium size that enjoy the challenge of searching for hidden treats.
  • Anyone looking for a durable, safe, and reusable toy made with high-quality materials.


Introduce the 00740 Mini Foraging Pouch to your bird's environment and watch as it becomes a focal point of their daily activities, providing them with the joy of discovery and the satisfaction of play.

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