The Kings Cages SLUX 2822 Open Top Bird Cage is an excellent choice for a Pionus, Ring-necked Parakeet, and other medium-sized birds. Read on to learn more.

The Kings Cages SLUX 2822 Open Top Bird Cage is both luxurious and mighty. It has 5/8 inch (1.58cm) bar spacing with 4mm bar thickness. It is 28" (71.1cm) Wide by 22" (55.8cm) Deep and has an inside height of 39" (99cm). This cage can stand up to the toughest bird beaks. It weights 80 pounds (36kg).

With just over 1/2" (1.27cm) bar spacing, this cage may not be right for smaller birds like the Finch or Canary. These birds may be able to get their head between the bars and could become stuck and/or injured. But for slightly larger birds such as the Pionus Parrot, Cockatiel, Rainbow Lorikeet, African Grey Parrot, or Sun Conure this aviary makes a wonderful home. The SLUX 2822 is from the Kings Cages Superior Luxury Line. Their superior powder-coated finish will ensure that this cage stands the test of time. Kings Cages are super durable, and can last twice as long as competitor's cages that have cheap painted finishes. Chipping paint from an inferior cage can also be dangerous for your companion bird as they may ingest it.

At the top of this luxurious cage, there are two (2) doors that open into a play area. This is an excellent way for a confident, gregarious bird to step out and enjoy some freedom, space, and companionship with the humans in their flock. The Kings Cages SLUX 2822 comes with two (2) smooth wooden perches, one of which can be placed across the opening at the top. The cage height, with stand, is 5'6" (1.7m) tall. Sitting atop their perch at the top of this cage is bound to make your bird buddy feel like the king or queen of all they survey. Not that they didn't already feel that way. 

The cage itself has horizontal bars front and back, and vertical bars on the left and right sides of the cage. Horizontal bars are great for medium-sized birds to climb and explore to their heart's content. This makes for a great workout, and helps to keep birds busy and entertained. The front door of this cage is nice and large, allowing for the easy addition of hanging toys, perches, and swings. It is also a great size for taking your bird in and out of the cage, either on the hand, or on a hand-held perch. Skittish birds that don't like to be squeezed through a too-small opening should feel good about this entry and exit point. There is also a bird-proof lock for this door. 

The Kings Cages SLUX 2822 Open Top Bird Cage has three (3) stainless steel cups, and three (3) swing out feeder doors. Stainless steel is preferable, as its non-porous surface won't harbor bacteria. There is also a nest box door. As with virtually all of the Kings Cages we sell at Bonka Bird Toys, this cage has a slide-out metal grill and tray for easy cleaning. A quick paper change and cleaning should be performed daily, with a thorough cleaning at least once per week. This will help to keep your bird companion healthy and happy. 

Rounding out this cage at the bottom, it comes on a stand, though sadly there is no corresponding storage shelf under the cage. The cage does have four (4) EZ Roll casters to make moving your cage for cleaning or other purposes a simple task. There is also a removable seed guard, which when installed adds 3.5" (8.89cm) all the way around the cage. For an opulent look, there are five (5) tinted glass ornaments at roughly the front corners, and the top center of the Kings Cages SLUX 2822. After all, every bird likes a little bling where they swing!

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