Yes, the Kings Cages 8003628 Play Pen Cage is a good choice for a White Cockatoo. Keep reading for more about the cage with ample space and an added play area!

The Kings Cages 8003628 Play Pen Cage can easily accommodate one or more White Cockatoos, or any other medium to large bird. At approximately 36"W x 28"D x 71"H (91.4cm x 71.1cm x 180.3cm) with an interior height of 27" (68.5cm) this cage will make a wonderful home for your feathered friend.

With its 1" (2.54cm) bar spacing, the Kings Cages 8003628 is not suitable for small birds. Small birds such as the Finch, Canary, Lovebird, small Conure, Budgie, or other smaller species would likely be able to get their heads between the bars, and in doing so, could become injured. With a 5mm bar gauge, this cage would also be overkill for these smaller avians. 

With the added feature of a play stand atop the Kings Cages 8003628 Play Pen Cage, this cage is uniquely suitable for a White Cockatoo. These companion birds don't like to be closed in, and will thrive when they can spend time outside the cage, with unfettered access to the object of their affection, which is more than likely their favorite person. If not properly socialized, left caged and with too much time alone, these birds can become apathetic and may develop feather plucking issues.

The play pen located atop the cage offers perches that are 8.5" (21.59cm) apart. They come with two (2) 20 oz. (.56kg) stainless steel cups for treats, water, or anything else you might want to offer your friend while they play. Two (2) ladders come with the unit, and they can be placed either between the bottom and top perch, or between the bottom perch and the play pen base. They can be moved around to provide some variety in your companion's landscape.

The front door on this beauty measures 33.25" x 16.75" (84.4cm x 42.5cm), providing ample room to bring your bird into and out of the cage without forcing them to duck or to feel cramped. There are four (4) swing out feeder doors with 30 oz. (.8kg) stainless steel bowls. Each door has a bird-proof lock to prevent your beloved bird from becoming an escape artist. There is an additional breeder box door, for easy insertion of a breeder box, if needed. A wooden perch for the inside of the cage is also included.

There is a matching seed guard that goes around the entire lower edge of the cage. This adds 3" to 4" (7.6cm to 10.1cm) to the total perimeter measurement. Bear this in mind when determining where you will locate the cage. The seed guard catches seed hulls and other small items and directs them back down into the bottom tray. A slide-out grate and lower tray is included, and the spacing between the grate and the tray is 7" (17.7cm) so your mischief maker won't be able to reach the paper you place there. 

The Kings Cages 8003628 Play Pen Cage comes in a variety of five (5) different color finishes. One of these options is sure to complement your living space perfectly. The cage comes on a matching stand which has four (4) heavy-duty casters for easy movement of the cage for cleaning, or just making sure your beloved bird is always near you. At 150 lbs. (68kg) this is a heavy cage. One person can likely assemble it, but it is a good idea to arrange to have some help on hand, just in case. The Kings Cages powder coated finish provides a beautiful product that will last a lifetime. These cages are avian veterinarian recommended, and 100% bird safe. 

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