Bonka Bird Toys offers the 1308 PK3 Rattle Dumbbell, where each order includes three (3) colorful and noisy dumbbell toys. Each one measures nearly (4.5) inches in length. They make for super fun noisemaking and foot toys. Learn about the 1308 PK3 Rattle Dumbbell from Bonka Bird Toys.

You can get rattle dumbbell toys for your pet bird from Bonka Bird Toys. The 1308 PK3 Rattle Dumbbell includes three (3) colorful and noisy plastic dumbbell toys for your avian amigo to adore. The dumbbells make great foot toys, grabbing toys, and noisemaking toys. Your pet will love them!

The design of the toy dumbbells that come with the 1308 PK3 Rattle Dumbbell really couldn’t be any more simple and straightforward. These are just small, plastic dumbbells with spherical-like ends and a cylindrical middle portion. The entire structure is plastic, and there are many small openings throughout the toy. These small openings give your pet many spots to grab onto with their beak or talons. And the middle “bar” portion has ridges so that your winged wingman can get an even better grip.

Each of the three (3) dumbbells in the 1308 PK3 Rattle Dumbbell has two (2) inner rattle balls, with one (1) on each end to ensure lots of noisy fun! Your pet will also love the bright, multicolor design of each toy dumbbell, as it really helps to catch their attention and focus. Birds are attracted to bright, vibrant colors, and you really can’t go wrong with colored plastic that stands-out in the aviary.

There are many ways that you can use the 1308 PK3 Rattle Dumbbell toy. If you leave the dumbbells loose around the bird cage at the bottom, then your pet can march on top of them and grip them with their talons. This is a fun and healthy foot exercise that can really benefit your pet and keep them entertained. Other bird lovers like to tie strings around the dumbbells and hang them from the top of the aviary. Your feathered friend can then grab a dumbbell with their beak and pull it all around.

Noisemaking is also a great way for your pet to enjoy the 1308 PK3 Rattle Dumbbell. Whenever your bird pulls on a dumbbell or picks it up with their beak or talons or kicks it all around the bird cage, the two (2) inner rattle balls will shake and make lots of pleasing sounds to excite your pet. And the 1308 PK Rattle Dumbbell isn’t just for birds. Parents sometimes buy this toy to give to babies to use as rattlers. Small children under one (1) year old often really appreciate the bright colors and the fun rattling sounds of this amusing toy.

Each order of the 1308 PK3 Rattle Dumbbell includes three (3) plastic dumbbells in assorted colors. The colors are randomly chosen, though each dumbbell is at least two-toned or three-toned in color. Each plastic dumbbell weighs less than one ounce (1 oz), so your pet will have no trouble interacting with the toy and moving it all around. The length of each dumbbell is is about (4.375) inches, and the width is about (1.625) inches at the rattle ends where the toy is the thickest. These plastic dumbbell toys are completely bird-safe, but you should still make sure to supervise your pet during their first play session to ensure a fun and safe playtime experience. The 1308 PK3 Rattle Dumbbell is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.


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