The 1035 Medium Triangle Rope Swing is not only a best selling Parrot swing, but is also a great swing to promote healthy activities for your bird as well.

1035 Medium Triangle Rope Swing

Parrots are curious and energetic birds. They enjoy a multitude of playing activities so it is important that their toy match their interests. Parrots enjoy bright colors acrylic rings, soft cotton ropes, bells, and swinging. The 1035 Medium Triangle Rope Swing has all of the above.

Swings are very useful and important for your parrots. Swing encourage balance, strong legs and promotes preening. Our rope swing not only encourages healthy beneficial play habits, but also the acrylic rings and play bell make this swing a consistently fun toy for parrots. The bright vibrancy of colors will attract your parrot at first sight. The soft cotton rope is stimulating for your parrot to help ensure that your parrot will enjoy their play time on this swing.

The 1035 Medium Triangle Rope Swing measures approximately 18"L x 12”W. The inside of the triangle is 8.5" x 9.75"Diameter 3/4". This toy also has the quick link connector so this toy can be attached to any kind of cage regardless of type, model, or maker. Best placement for this toy is at the top of the cage with plenty of space for your parrot to swing around and play.


Beth Schaeffer said:

I purchased 2 medium swings 2 months ago for my greys. If your bird likes to dance or move around a bit, I recommend going with the large as there isn’t a ton of moving room. I ended up donating the mediums to a rescue 🙂

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