African Grey parrots enjoy toys that they are able to chew, swing on, climb on and puzzles where treats can be discovered. Learn which toy is right for you!

An African Grey parrot can safely use everything from foraging and chewing toys to large swing toys. An owner should look for toys made of quality and safe materials. The budget of the owner and the space available are two major factors in selecting appropriate toys.

African Grey's are one of the smartest birds a person can own as a pet. These birds are very social, very active and very curious animals. An African Grey toys should have large pieces that are durable enough for his beak to grab without breaking into small splinters. The material the toy is made of must be safe for the bird. Some African Greys can get pretty excited and really bang their toy about. Other African Greys enjoy interacting with noise making toys. Even others can have fun with puzzles that reveal treats or have an audible response when pressed.

1750 Clacker –

1750 Clacker

The 1750 Clacker is one of the best selling original Bonka toys ever released. The Clacker is 14 inches tall by 6 inches wide and has an easy to connect attachment piece for quick cage installation. The toy hangs from strong chain link. There are 4 stainless steel cups that each have an acrylic pacifier added to their chain loop. The cups are separated by a t-section made with heavy duty plastic that also has an acrylic pacifier attached.

1969 Spoon Delight –

1969 Spoon Delight, this awesome toy will last and will be a staple in your birds cage, from the multiple colorful, acrylic rings and multiple Stainless spoons, your medium-sized feathered companion will enjoy his playtime activities, climbing, looking, and swinging all over this toy.

he 1969 Spoon Delight is a 14 inch tall, colorful, durable, exciting toy for your African Grey. The Spoon Delight has stainless steel spoons of assorted sizes hanging down and each with a colored acrylic ring hanging next to the spoon. This toy has many different ways to play and explore and gives curious African Greys hours of enjoyment. The toy hangs from its durable link chain and ships with multiple hanging options.

1345 Large Tri Swing –

1345 large tri swing

The 1345 Large Tri Swing is an 18 inch tall by 14 inch wide, robust , durable and visually appealing swing. The structure of the toy is built with large, natural wood dowels that are easy to grab and chew on. The toy has rope tassels and acrylic colored balls all around the toy in addition to a bell. The entire toy hangs from a sturdy link chain. This is a large toy and gives an African Grey many different activities to take part in. From chewing on the different items, to exploring and discovering new parts of the toy to using as a fully functional swing.

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