One of our best selling bird toy is the 1839 Foraging Star! This toy is best for small to medium size birds because of its in between size not too big not too small. The 6inch by 6inch structure and employs multiple bird enjoying functions.

1839 Foraging Star


Regardless of species or age, almost all birds enjoy some type of foraging toy. The 1839 is a not only the best selling toys but is also a very popular foraging toy. All birds enjoy foraging because it is in their natural instinct to think and work for their food. Foraging can be described as hunting or harvesting for food or supplies. Foraging is important because it stimulates a bird’s thinking and fitness capabilities. The vine ball in the center can be refilled with treats, wood or crinkle paper. This makes for an exciting foraging experience for your bird. For example if the toy is filled with shredding paper, your bird will have a much different foraging experience than if it were to be filled with treats. In any case, the Foraging Star is a great toy for bird stimulation. In addition to the 1839 Foraging Stars foraging stimulation, our toy also has 4 wood stars for chewing. Your bird's beak will love the different textures found in the 1839.The 1839 Foraging Star is made with an array of multiple, bright and fun colors that will intrigue and stimulate your bird at first sight. Additionally, our toy has vine and paper to pull and shred.

1839 Foraging Star is ideal for small to medium size bird because of its 6 inch by 6 inch size. This toy not only combats cage boredom but also is made from 100% bird safe materials. Finally, with our quick link attachment this toy can be easily placed in any cage regardless of make, model or size and in virtually any position.

January 01, 1970 — Bonka Bird Toys

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