One of our best selling bird cages is the  King Cages SLFXL 3221. This cage is packed with features and easy to use. Learn more about the SLFXL3221 King Cage.

SLFXL 3221

The structure of the cage is stable and allows for easy movement within. The SLFXL 3221 is made of bird safe material and has a new style of lock. The cage’s layout allows it to be adaptable with all different types of toys, from perches and swings to foot toys and interactive toys.

        This cage is made of an all safe non-toxic material to ensure a safe stay and play environment for your pet. The SLFXL 3221 has brand new bird proof locks installed. The new locks are easy to use and near impossible for your pet to open. The secret is the new “S” shaped locking mechanism that allows quick opening and easy locking. It also prevents your pet from opening the doors. The cages large front door and opening top have these locks.

        There is a slide out metal grill and toy tray for quick cleaning and toy replacement. There are plexiglass seed guards, nest box door openings and a large front door opening. This gives access to anywhere in the cage and makes for quick and easy cleaning as none of the interior areas of the cage are out of reach. The vertical bars allow for easy toy installation. Perches and swings work great when mounted to these rails.

        The SLFXL 3221 is a very stable cage with 4 rolling casters on the bottom that allow for easy movement and placement. The cage itself measures 32 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 61 inches high. The inside measures 34 inches in height which is plenty of room for your feathery friend to feel comfortable. The 1/2-inch bar spacing, 2.5 mm bar thickness is great for allowing optimal viewing of your pet and yet not too large you them to fly out. The King Cages SLFXL 3221 can easily be broken down for easy storage. 

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