One of the best toys for a pet Parrot is the 1938 Paci Pull. This is an entertaining chain thread toy that your parrot will greatly enjoy.

1938 Paci Pull

The 1938 Paci Pull is a plastic play ball toy with a threaded chain going through it and bright multi colored rings as well as a bell in the center. The brightly colored acrylic rings will grab your birds attention. If one of the rings are pulled the opposing sides move. This is a very interactive toy with lots of moving and jingling parts. Interactive toys are important because they keep your bird from getting bored of the same static toy.

The bird safe plastic ball is a unique piece of this toy. It is the pivot point that allows the threaded chain play more interactive. It is made of soft plastic, and has numerous holes that make the interactive play more transparent. Parrots enjoy chewing on soft plastics to help curb their chewing needs.

The 1938 Paci Pull measures approximately 9 inches high by 3 inches wide. Our toy also comes with a quick link attachment that makes it easy to install in any cage regardless of size, type, make or model, but is best suited in a cage where it can freely hang and gives your bird plenty of room for play. Like all of our toys the 1938 Paci Pull is made with 100% bird safe materials and is designed for lots and lots of joyful play time.

January 01, 1970 — Bonka Bird Toys

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