One of the best toys for a Parakeet is the 1467 Ball Clanger. This fun plastic toy is very interactive and moves about. Learn more about the 1467 Ball Clanger.

The 1467 Ball Clanger is a great toy for a medium to small bird. Parakeets are particularly entertained by this toy as it has bright colors and lots of moving pieces. The plastic balls as semi-transparent and reflect light as they twist and turn. The 1467 easily mounts anywhere in a cage.

Parakeets, known also as Budgies, are very active, talkative and curious birds. Parakeets have big personalities and love toys that draw in their attention and keep them entertained. The 1467 Ball Clanger provides exactly this type of entertainment. Parakeets also a greater range of colors than humans do. You’ll want to select toys that are colorful as it provides more visual stimulation for your Parakeet.

The toy has three, colored, semi-transparent plastic balls that have holes in them. Inside of each plastic ball is a small plastic rattler bead that creates noise when the toy is played with. This will create curiosity as your Parakeet explores why the balls makes noise. The three balls are hung by plastic chains. The plastic chains do flex and bend slightly. This has the balls bounce and move around a great amount when your pet plays with the toy. The three chains all attach to a quick link cage attachment. This lets you install the 1467 Ball Clanger wherever is most convenient in your pets cage or anywhere you wish.

The 1467 Ball Clanger measures approximately 6 inches long by 3 inches wide. The toy is made from 100% bird safe materials and is perfect for your medium to small Parakeet. 


Diana Agron said:

My birds absolutely love this toy. Unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere anymore. Not even on the Bonka site.

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