The 826 Block Tower is a devilishly fun toy for your medium-sized bird. It has wooden elements, rope, and multiple bright colors. Learn about this great toy.

826 Block Tower

The 826 Block Tower has a quick link connector and a chain that passes down through the entire toy. It has a wooden block with cotton rope or sisal knotted through holes at each corner. Beneath each block is a wooded rectangle the rope passes through and is knotted again. This repeats (4) times.

It is difficult to describe this smorgasbord of a toy, but suffice it to say it is a feast for the eyes, the beak, and the feet of any medium-sized bird such as the African Grey Parrot, Psittacula, Goffin's Cockatoo, Crimson Rosella, the beautiful Alexandrine Parakeet, or any one of many others. Your pet bird will love to get their beak into both the cotton rope, and the colored sisal. Using two (2) different types of rope provides a variety of textures your bird will love to explore. 

The bright and colorful wooden blocks which anchor this toy have a hole through the center, so each horizontal layer can be spun around the central chain. Between each horizontal layer there is another rectangular piece of brightly colored wood. It also has a hole through the center, but it mounts on the central chain vertically, providing space between one horizontally mounted block layer and the next. There is so much great stuff here for your pet bird to explore. They will love getting their feet on both the blocks, and the different textures of rope. Did you say you need some toothpicks? Coming right up!

826 Block Tower

When the companion of an aggressive avian chewer, like the African Grey Parrot sees that their bird destroys certain toys, they might be tempted to try and find something indestructible to give to their parrot. Though understandable, that is not the way to go. Birds need to be able to shred and tear their things up. This satisfies their need to forage and nest. Being able to do this makes them attractive as a flock member and a mate, so as soon as one of these types of toys is placed within their reach, they're going to go to town! They're also going to enjoy themselves immensely while they do it. 

Many companion bird species live for a very long time. In order to stay engaged and healthy, these companion birds need something to keep them curious. They need an outlet for all the energy that their metabolism, which has been evolving for millennia, provides them with. If they were in the wild, they'd use every bit of their energy to forage for food as well as water, look for safe roosting places, avoid predators, and in most cases return to their flock each night. 

Companion birds don't have those worries, but no one bothered to tell evolution that. By instinct companion birds are going to still want to take part in all those natural behaviors, and that's where toys like the 826 Block Tower come in. This visual and tactile beauty is approximately 12" High by about  3 1/2" Wide (30.48cm x 8.89cm). It is 100% non-toxic and bird safe. The quick link connector allows for quick and easy hanging in any cage or aviary. 

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