Small birds can use the 55094 Rope Jumble from Bonka Bird Toys for preening and chewing. Your pet is sure to be very happy! Check out the 55094 Rope Jumble.

The 55094 Rope Jumble is a preening and chewing toy for small birds. The toy features soft cotton rope and colored wooden blocks for chewing. The rope has frayed ends which your pet can use for preening and grooming. Bonka Bird Toys has certainly delivered on yet another great bird toy!

When you take a look at the design of the 55094 Rope Jumble from Bonka Bird Toys, it’s really quite simple and straightforward. But sometimes all your pet needs is a simple, yet effective fun toy. It starts with a quick-link connector at the top. Moving downward, you will find a sturdy link chain before the real fun begins. Attached to the chain is a big, thick knot of soft cotton rope that is vibrantly colored to catch a bird’s attention. Your avian amigo will totally love these big knots that will make the rope an absolute joy to chew and poke with their beak. The rope is decorated with some colored wooden chew beads, and the frayed rope ends complete this fun-filled toy.

As we mentioned earlier, most birds will get the best usage out of the 55094 Rope Jumble for chewing and preening. It’s not a large toy by any means, so it’s best-suited for smaller birds. But you really can surprise a bird of any size with this toy. You will have a tough time finding any feathered friend who doesn’t love to chomp down on this soft cotton rope material and the wooden chew blocks. This is the kind of beak-pleasing excitement that you have likely come to expect from many of the fantastic playthings that Bonka Bird Toys has to offer. And since the rope is loaded with thick, chunky knots, you can rest assured that your pet will be enjoying this small bird toy for quite some time!

But perhaps the best feature of the 55094 Rope Jumble is the frayed rope ends, which are ideal for preening. If you are a new bird keeper not familiar with preening, it refers to the act of birds adjusting and grooming their feathers for comfort. Birds will rub their feathers against these frayed ends so that they are positioned comfortably and so that they offer a clean and neat appearance. It’s always a good idea to have a few preening toys in the aviary so that your winged wingman can stay happy and comfortable. And adding the 55094 Rope Jumble will definitely fit that bill.

The 55094 Rope Jumble measures about eight (8) inches long and (3.5) inches wide, making it ideal for smaller birds. It weighs less than two (2) ounces, so your pet won’t be intimidated or overwhelmed by its weight. As we mentioned earlier, there is a quick-link attachment at the top of the toy, so installing it is a breeze. Just hang it from the top of the aviary, and watch your pet enjoy! All of the materials used in the 55094 Rope Jumble are completely bird-safe, but we still advise supervising your pet during their first play session to ensure a fun and safe playtime experience. The 55094 Rope Jumble is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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