Is your beaked pal ready to tear stuff up? How about some foraging fun? Your pet will love the 3450 Paper Shred! Check out this cool toy from Bonka Bird Toys!

The 3450 Paper Shred is a shredding and foraging toy for small to medium sized birds. This fun and versatile bird toy is loaded with paper and cardboard material that your pet can absolutely tear to bits for some safe, destructive fun. It’s another fantastic product from Bonka Bird Toys!

We really got creative with the design of the 3450 Paper Shred. From the top, the small to medium sized bird toy starts with a quick-link connector for easy hanging from the aviary. As you move downward, you will find some wooden chew beads, a cardboard tear, and a piece of colored plastic straw. But the real excitement begins below that, as you then reach the toy’s main body. This consists of several bamboo finger traps, strips of perforated shreddy paper, and an extra big bundle of shredded paper at the bottom. The toy is held in place with a metal wire at its core, but your pet will really have to tear the toy up before you ever see its backbone.

As you can probably guess, the main purpose of the 3450 Paper Shred is to be torn up and destroyed. If you know anything about birds, it’s that they love toys that allow them to get all aggressive and tear things to shreds. And the 3450 Paper Shred offers so much shredding and tearing potential that your small to medium winged wingman will spend hours upon hours going to town and wrecking this toy’s life. But hey, it’s better that your pet has a fun and safe experience destroying this toy than something important. If your bird becomes bored, they might instead attack something of value around the home. Instead, offer your pet a nice alternative with delightfully shreddable bamboo finger traps, perforated shredded paper, and a big bunch of shredded paper at the bottom.

While shredding and tearing might be the most obvious function of the 3450 Paper Shred, the toy also works quite well for foraging. By foraging, we are referring to the act of a bird searching around for a desirable prize, such as a treat or their favorite snack. You can easily hide such rewards inside the shreddable bamboo finger trap tubes for your pet to find. It’s important to understand that birds forage naturally out in the wild all the time. It’s a means of survival for them. So even when you have a pet bird all comfy in your home, it’s still a good idea to invoke these natural instincts by setting up a fun “treasure hunt” of sorts for your feathered friend. And the 3450 Paper Shred is absolutely perfect for this, as you can hide the surprises and watch with delight as your beaked pal hunts and searches for their reward! It’s an awesome way to keep your pet engaged and mentally stimulated.

The 3450 Paper Shred measures in at about eleven (11) inches tall and six (6) inches wide, making it best-suited for small to medium sized birds. The entire toy weighs less than two (2) ounces, so smaller feathered friends will have no trouble interacting with the toy and pulling it all around. Its bright colors and satisfying materials and textures are sure to capture the interest and amusement of your pet. As we mentioned earlier, the quick-link attachment makes it easy to hang the toy from the top of the birdcage. All of the materials used in the 3450 Paper Shred are bird-safe, but we still advise supervising your pet during their first playtime session to ensure a fun and safe experience. The 3450 Paper Shred is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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