The 3734 Clown Box is a medium-size interactive toy with three (3) shreddable cardboard blocks, interspersed with bamboo and paper shred elements. Learn more!

3734 Clown Box

The 3734 Clown Box from Bonka Bird Toys has a quick link connector attached to a wire by a loop. The wire is fed through a natural wooden bead and short straw. There are three (3) shreddable boxes. Between the boxes are bamboo finger traps. At the bottom is colorful, squiggly shredded paper.

This toy is going to excite the bird in your life! At the top you have a small quick link connector which allows for quick and easy installation into your aviary. The central wire has a small loop, which is attached to the connecter and then passed down through the length of the toy. At the top is a natural wooden bead, directly below that is a short colorful straw. Both of these items can be twirled around the internal wire. 

Below the straw is the first shreddy cardboard block. The blocks are 3-dimensional with a flat top and bottom, but have texture all around the sides. Your bird buddy is going to love to explore these areas with beaks and feet to see where they may go. The blocks are about 2 - 3 inches square and the textured part in the middle is about an inch tall. This block can also spin around the center wire.

Between the top and the second block are three multi-colored woven bamboo finger traps. Each of these can be spun around the center wire. Being woven, there are lots of little grooves and nooks and crannies for birds like cockatoos, parrots, rosellas, parakeets, smaller macaws, and conures to get their beaks into and explore, and then shred of course.  

Below the finger traps is another shreddy cardboard block, and below that is another level of woven bamboo finger traps with a third block beneath it. Under this block is a mass of bright and colorful paper shred material. This is crinkly paper, so in addition to being colorful, and something birds can get a hold of and pull on, it has the ability to spring back when gently pulled, providing even more enrichment and stimulation for your feathered friend. 

The 3734 Clown Box from Bonka Bird Toys is (11) inches tall by (5.5) inches wide and weighs under (3) ounces. With this wonderful assortment of materials in different textures and colors this toy is sure to delight your pet bird for hours on end. Buy one for your best bird today. 

August 25, 2021 — Bonka Bird Toys

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